Why Sunday School/Small Groups?


New to the BGBC? Looking for a church? Want to know how to get plugged in?

Join a SundaySchool/Small Group.

Joining a Small Group is key because there is no better way to get to know the BGBC than by knowing its people. Small groups read the Bible together and talk about living it out in community.



When do BGBC Small Groups meet?
Our small groups meet on our campus on Sunday mornings at 9:30.

Who are Small Groups for?
There are groups for adults, teens, and kids.

Can anyone come to a Small Group? Do you have to sign up?
Small Groups are open to anyone at anytime. There is no cost to join, there are no materials to buy, and you don't have to RSVP. Visitors are welcome and expected, so drop in on any group you may be interested in.

BGBC Small Groups claim to value biblical community. What does that mean?
Biblical community is important because it undergirds and supports biblical change through meaningful relationships. As biblical truth finds its way to human hearts, those hearts are called to change: from servitude under earthly passions and desires (Col. 3:5-9) to a heart transformed in the image of Christ (Col. 3:10-11). Practically speaking, such change happens best when an individual opens herself to relational discipleship - brothers leading brothers and sisters leading sisters, one-to-one or in groups, to root out the bitterness of sin and practice repentance and faith on a daily basis.

At the BGBC, the most natural way for these relationships to form is through Small Groups, as people get to know each other, trust each other (a vital and often overlooked step), and pursue Christ together.

What should I expect to study in a Small Group?
Right now, our small groups study through books of the Bible. We like to call it transformational teaching. Transformational teaching pushes believers to examine their daily thoughts and actions in light of the Gospel. What’s more, transformational teaching inspires us to live in hope of Christ’s return: “Your life is hidden with Christ in God,” the Bible says, and one day we will appear with him. Looking back to the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection; looking up to the reality of his present intercession; looking ahead to the reality of our reward with Him; these are the impulses of transformational teaching.

Do I have to be a member of the church to be in a Small Group?
No, our groups are open to those who are visiting, attending regularly, or even those who are just curious about Christianity.

The focus of Small Groups at BGBC can be summarized in this way. First, our groups must cherish truth and sound doctrine such that our teaching is leading minds to change from earthly to heavenly focus. Second, that truth must lead to corresponding life change, from earthly traits to heavenly ones, and this change can be fostered through relational discipleship. Third, the changed life finds its expression by being part of a community that practices forgiveness, love, Christ-centered encouragement, and service to others.

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